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Bunk Trevelyan, his wife said, had quarrelled with the man
named Tad Duffy about a spring. Water was getting low in
the well on the place Trevelyan had and they were using the
spring to get drinking water from. The branch on the place
was about dried up and they had to get water there at the
spring, too, for the stock, because they couldn't let the stock
tramp in the spring if it was going to be fit for people to drink
out of. Bunk Trevelyan found out Duffy was getting water
from the spring, when the spring was on Trevelyan's side. He
told Duffy to stay away from the spring, but two days later he
caught him there again putting water in a barrel set up in a
wagon. The wagon was on Duffy's side of the line, and Duffy
had a negro boy helping him carry water to fill the barrel.
When Trevelyan saw Duffy filling the barrel, he was so mad
he didn't say a word, he told his wife later, but ran to the
house to get his rifle. When she saw him get the rifle and
start running toward the spring, she followed him so as to
stop him, she said, in case there was any trouble. By the time
Trevelyan got to the spring, Duffy was in the wagon driving
off. Trevelyan pointed his rifle all right—she said she couldn't
deny that—and the boy was telling the truth when he told
the sheriff that, and she grabbed his arm and made him put
the rifle down, but what he said was that he was going to fill
that barrel so full of holes you could see daylight through it
and that he was going to scare Duffy. He didn't really shoot.
And he never was going to shoot Duffy.

"Exactly what did he say when he had the rifle?" Mr.
Munn asked.

" He said he was going to fill that barrel so full of holes you
could see daylight through it and he was going to scare

"Do you remember the exact words he used, exactly what
he said about Duffy?"

She looked at him expressionlessly, her tongue-tip coming
out to wet her grey lips.

"Don't you remember?" he demanded a little sharply.

" He said/' she began tonelessly, and wet her lips again," he